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trade fairs and conferences in Basel: MUBA

  • DescripciónDescription: Exhibition Of A Variety Of Goods In Life, Construction, Garden, Home And Fashion.
  • DescripciónDate due to be held: from 22-02-2013 to 03-03-2013
  • DescripciónPace held: Messe Basel
  • Descripciónaccess: Public and professional
  • DescripciónMCH Messe Schweiz (Basel) AG: - - Basel CH-4005 - Switzerland
  • DescripciónTelephone No: +41/582002020
  • DescripciónFax No: +41/582062194
  • DescripciónEmail: [email protected]
  • DescripciónURL: MCH Messe Schweiz (Basel) AG

MUBA of Multi-sector in Basel. Basel will host the event MUBA. If you're interested in the events MUBA this fair could be interesting for you. Following we'll provide you with further information about the event.
Other fairs and conferences in Basel

  • Stars: (Health and Beauty)
    Description: Exhibition for Workplace Safety and Health Protection at the Workplace

  • Stars: (Fashion- Jewelry and accessories)
    Description: The world fair for watches and jewelry
    Pace held: Messe Basel

  • Stars: (Hotels and resturants- Tourism)
    Description: The big fair for holidays and travel
    Pace held: Messe Basel

  • Stars: (Multi-sector)
    Description: Fair of diverse subjects: sports, life, fashion, leisure and health
    Pace held: Messe Basel

  • Stars: (Business and Economy)
    Description: Event of the numismatic

  • Stars: (Agriculture, Gardening and Livestock)
    Description: Intenational Hemp fair.

  • Stars: (Health and Beauty)
    Description: European trade fair for occupational health and demography

  • Stars: (Industry and Equipments)
    Description: Fair for Trade and Industry of Woodworking
    Pace held: Messe Basel

  • Stars: (Hotels and resturants- Tourism)
    Description: The International Trade Fair Hotels, Gastronomy.

  • Stars: (Electronics, Computer science, Technology, Communication)
    Description: Exhibition industry to research and development and also the production technology of pharmaceuticals and chemicals.
    Pace held: Messe Basel

  • Stars: (Construction , Ceramic- Climatization-Real Estate)
    Description: Real Estate, Financing, Building and Renovation Fair

  • Stars: (Gifts, Art, Crafts and Antiquities)
    Description: Young Art Fair and the important galleries.

  • Stars: (Bodas)
    Description: Fair for wedding, celebration and birth
    Pace held: Messe Basel, Halle 4.1

  • Stars: (Energía y Medio Ambiente)
    Description: Fair of nature
    Pace held: Messe Basel

  • Stars: (Packing, Ironworks, Paper, Glass)
    Description: Swiss Exhibition for Integrated Logistics Solutions and Packaging Technology
    Pace held: Messe Basel

  • Stars: (Industry and Equipments)
    Description: International trade fair for machine tools and production measurement

  • Stars: (Construction , Ceramic- Climatization-Real Estate)
    Description: The fair construction of Switzerland.
    Pace held: Messe Basel

  • Stars: (Industry and Equipments)
    Description: Europe's central fair for the subcontracting industries
    Pace held: Messe Basel, Hall 2

  • Stars: (Sports, Toys, Music, hobbies)
    Description: Bicycle Fair
    Pace held: Messe Basel

  • Stars: (Education, Stationery, Books, Employment)
    Description: Teaching-Materials, Education and Advanced Training.
    Pace held: Hall 1, Messe Basel

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