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  • Vrata Krke


    Lozovac Bb, 22221 Lozovac, Croatia

    Vrata Krke

    Vrata Krke


    Lozovac, Croatia - 1.9 km from city centre see map

    If you are trying to escape the everyday life, or simply enrich your life with a new experience, let us welcome you in our...

    Vrata Krke

    If you are trying to escape the everyday life, or simply enrich your
    life with a new experience, let us welcome you in our ?Vrata Krke?
    Hotel. You will find comfort in our newly built, modern rooms. We will
    also meet your gastronomic needs by pleasing your taste buds with chosen
    traditional meals.You have the opportunity to learn more about our
    traditional Dalmatian cuisine in our à la carte restaurant. We also
    offer a wide choice of free time activities such as different sports or
    walks in nature with an animator.Those in a rush can take a short break
    in the hotel coffee bar, pizza place or snack bar. To remember the
    pleasurable moments spent at the ?Vrata Krke? Hotel choose some of the
    original souvenirs from our gift shop.

    • Accommodation facilities
      • Lift
      • Garden/Terrace
      • Laundry
      • Handicapped Access
      • Non-smoker Rooms
      • Parking
      • 24 hr Room Service
      • Shops
      • WIFI
    • Standard Room Services
      • Safe
      • Minibar
      • Satellite TV
      • Hairdryer
      • Telephone

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    The "Vrata Krke" Hotel is situated near the main entrance to the Krka
    National Park, which received that status in 1985. It encompasses an
    area of 109 square kilometres along the Krka River. The Krka River,
    springing from the foot of the Dinaric Mountains near Knin, is a natural
    and karstic phenomenon. It flows through a 72 kilometres long narrow
    canyon valley to its mouth in the sea.It cascades in seven travertine
    waterfalls, among which the most popular are Skradinski buk and Ro?ki
    slap. Besides the waterfalls, on its way to the sea the Krka creates
    cascades, fast currents, as well as lakes, Prokljansko jezero and
    Visovaèko jezero being the most famous ones. It is possible to see part
    of the Park on foot (there are wooden bridges across the river) or by
    boat. The most interesting boat trip is definitively to the little
    island of Visovac.The National Park Krka abounds in plants and animals,
    many of which are endemic. One type of trout lives only in the Krka, and
    together with the amphibians, swamp birds and smaller mammals, birds of
    various kinds abound here, among which the likes of golden eagle,
    short-toed eagle, hawks and owls, are of special importance and
    interest. Among the plants, Mediterranean specimens are the most
    frequent, growing close to typical swamp plants such as reeds,
    white-lily or water-lily.

    The ?Vrata Krke? Hotel is located in Lozovac, on the main entrance to
    the Krka National Park, six kilometres from the highway (Zagreb ? Split
    A1) and 12 kilometres from Sibenik. By car: Get off the Zagreb- Split
    motorway (A1) at the Sibenik-Primosten-Knin/Drnis exit. Turn left at the
    toll gate and follow directions to the Krka National Park. By plain:
    Resnik airport (Trogir) ? 45 km from the hotel. Zemunik airport (Zadar)
    ? 70 km from the hotel. By ferry: Ancona ? Zadar. Ancona ? Split. Bari ?

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