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About Tangier

Set in the region of Tanger-Tétouan and bathed by the luminous Mediterranean Sea, Tangiers is the port of entry to Morocco for the Europeans, especially those travelling by sea. It is true that Tangiers airport is taking on greater importance every year, but historically speaking, Tangiers has always been a city linked to the culture of the sea, and this is quite plain to see in its streets, its culture and its way of life.
Tangiers is a Mediterranean city with a similar type of climate, although slightly milder due to its coastal location. Its mild temperatures and lack of rainfall make Tangiers an ideal resort at any time of year. The city’s history and that of its region go back to prehistoric times, and since then it has had a strong influence on diverse cultures, including the Andalusi, Turkish or Portuguese. Furthermore, Tangiers was a crossroads where many different nations converged and different cultures have co-existed in peace.
Tangiers is and has always been a city of legend that has attracted the attention of many a curious traveller. The charm and fascination of the city are found in its souqs that are filled with life and colour, where one can become a part of its frenetic and captivating atmosphere. The views of Tangier from its sea promenade is a memorable experience, together with the square of the Fortress, the beach or the street of el Horria, which, like postcards, remain etched on our minds.
Tangiers is the perfect city from which to embark on a long tour of the country, using the city as a starting point or as a place from which to establish our first contact with a country that is filled with charm and diversity and is well worth visiting and exploring due to its colours, aromas and traditions.
Tangier today 19°C
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In Tangier we will have moderate rain, light attire is recommended as the temperatures will be warm throughout the day.

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Flights to Tangier

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