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Hotels in Trinidad


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This colourful town lies right in the heart of Cuba's southern region and brims full of local charm. Unsurprisingly, Trinidad is a real hit with tourists. The tropical destination is a perfectly preserved representation of the town's past colonial architecture. The city beautifully nestles between the shimmering Caribbean Sea and the vibrantly green Escambray mountains.

You'll find all sorts of accommodation in Trinidad to suit any budget or reason for visiting. Those looking for fancier rooms will love the amazing Grand old hotels dotted around the town, while those on a budget will appreciate the great selection of vibrant hostels. For everybody in between, there's just about anything you could imagine to suit whatever type of trip you're looking to experience.

What to see and do in Trinidad

There are all kinds of must-see sights and attractions in Trinidad. On top of the list is the Bell Tower. Ideally situated in the centre of Trinidad, the small church tower offers a picturesque and stunning view of the entire town and the Escambray mountain range. Of Trinidad's several gorgeous beaches to discover, none is better than the Playa Ancon. Cuba is among the best of 'lesser considered' destinations for beaches; you'll quickly see why when taking your first step on the fine, white sand or dip into the crystal-clear waters. Another famous attraction is Trinidad's Topes de Collantes National Park. There's nothing quite like exploring the vast nature reserve on horseback while taking in all the amazing views.

What to eat in Trinidad

With very close proximity to the ocean, Trinidad is bursting with authentic and delicious fresh seafood. Generally speaking, the food can be much better and cheaper here than in other parts of Cuba. It's not all exclusively local cuisine. You can also find plenty of excellent international restaurants around. However, there are no fast-food restaurants or western influences. Some of the more popular and traditional dishes to try in Trinidad include:

  • Tamales: Made with meat or beans and other tasty ingredients, all wrapped and baked inside a corn-based dough.
  • Medianoche: Also known as pernil relleno de moros y cristanos, this is a pork and rice-based sandwich popularised by Havana's nightclubs.
  • Vaca frita: A dish that literally translates to 'fried cow'.

Typical events and festivals in Trinidad

Trinidad hosts a range of festivities throughout the year. What better way to experience the town than to join its local fiestas and special events? The 1st of May is a significant day for Cuba. The country honours its workers and socialist pastimes by celebrating May Day. The biggest event of the year is probably June's annual Carnival event. Everyone joins in on the festivities, and it's indeed a sight to behold. The Carnival fills up just about every street with lively parades, music and fun.

How to move around in Trinidad

There are several ways to get to Trinidad, including busses heading into town from almost all major Cuban cities. Alternatively, you can hire a car or a taxi, too. However, both options are much more expensive. After settling down in Trinidad, the best way to get around is on foot. The town is relatively small, making it a great place to wander, explore and get lost. If you're looking to visit somewhere outside of the city, like Playa Ancon or Topes de Collantes National Park, travelling by taxi is the best bet.

The climate in Trinidad

Trinidad has three main seasons: the year breaks down into the dry season, the hot season and the wet season. The dry season lasts from November to April and is when you'll typically experience the best temperatures and sunniest weather. The hot season is between May and July, bringing temperatures with an average high of 33 degrees. If you prefer smaller crowds, the hot season is a great time to visit and take advantage of travel offers. The wet season finally comes in August and goes at the end of October. Anyone who visits during this time can expect high humidity and hot temperatures (around 31-33 degrees). Despite heavy rain and higher risks of tropical storms, the flip-side is that the waterfalls, rivers, and rainforests will never look better.

Frequently asked questions about Hotels in Trinidad

The most centrally located hotel in Trinidad with the best ratings is: Iberostar Grand Hotel Trinidad.

It depends on the category of the hotel. If you want to stay at a 4-star hotel in Trinidad, the average price per night is 45, while you will pay an average of 20 for a 3-star hotel, and in a more luxurious 5-star hotel, you"ll pay around 91.