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Rising from a grassy plain, like something from a Disney fairy tale, the walled city of Carcassonne sits atop a rocky hill in Aude. The French city is a department of the greater commune of Occitanie. This medieval city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and as such, it is truly a delight for history-lovers. The town also serves as a great base to explore this wonderful part of France. Toulouse, Montpellier and the coastal area of Narbonne are all within a one-day trip's distance from Carcassonne.

The walled town may be antique, but there is no problem finding modern, cheap hotels in Carcassonne. There are all grades of accommodation with facilities available, including pools and spa facilities. There are also excellent choices of holiday accommodation in the new town, outside the walls.

Neighbourhoods of Carcassonne

It’s easy to identify the city's distinct districts— the medieval area within the walls of the city and the newer part of town that sits across the river, just outside the fortification. Some of the most notable neighbourhoods of Carcassonne are:

  • La Cité: Sitting along the right side of the River Aude, this is the oldest area of town. It is a citadel full of towers, turrets, massive walls and narrow winding alleys. It's one of the most visited attractions in France, second only to the Eiffel Tower.
  • La Ville Basse: This lower part of town hides in the citadel's shadows and is also known as Bastide de Saint-Louis. It is an atmospheric area filled with quaint boutiques, cafes, restaurants and bars. The main square — Place Carnot — is dominated by Neptune's huge fountain, where all the action happens. This newer part of town is reachable via a footbridge at the citadel.

What to see and do in Carcassonne

Medieval architecture is the main interest in this modern city, but the town still offers all of the usual tourist traps. Some of the main sights to see and activities to do in Carcassonne include:

  • The City Walls: The original double-walled structure dates back to ancient Roman times. Louis IX is credited with founding the outer fortifications. The citidal's interior is accessible via two imposing gates— Port de Narbonnaise and Porte d’Aude.
  • Chateau Comtal: This is the centre of the citadel. It has 31 towers, an amphitheatre, huge rose windows and gargoyles. The St. Nazaire is also attached to the castle.
  • Pont Vieux: This 14th-century bridge has a fantastic view of the citadel. It also provides a great river-bank view that's perfect for relaxing or enjoying a picnic.
  • Canal de Midi: You can take boat trips from this busy canal port.
  • Musée des Beaux-Arts: A must-see permanent collection of 19th-century artworks, which is also supplemented by temporary exhibitions.
  • The Market: Stalls sell regional produce and local goods on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
  • Nightlife: Besides the typical French options, there are two popular Irish pubs in Carcassonne.
  • Wine Tours: The town sits in the world’s largest wine-growing region. Between the areas of Corbières and Minervois, you can visit many vineyards and enjoy wine-tasting tours.
  • Andorra: You should take a day trip to explore this tiny principality that straddles the French/Spanish border.

What to eat in Carcassonne

Food in the city is typical of the Languedoc region, which is really just a subset of southern France's cuisine— but with a much greater emphasis on gamey meat. Dishes you should try include:

  • Cassoulet: This is Carcassonne’s version of traditional sausage with bean casserole and partridge meat.
  • Escargots de Languedoc: Cooked snails with ham, tomato, onion and parsley.
  • Duck Confit: Duck Slowly cooked duck meat (usually legs) in duck fat. Goose is also a popular alternative.
  • Cured ham: A Spanish-style cured pork similar to Serrano ham.
  • Grés de la Cité: A puffy dessert pastry filled with vanilla and almonds.

Typical events and festivals in Carcassonne

Whenever there's an event, the locals in Carcassonne like to party! The medieval surroundings also provide a unique environment and atmosphere for events, some of which include:

  • Festival de Carcassonne: Between June and August, the whole city gets in a festive mood and hosts performances of all types.
  • Bastille Day: This is an impressively grand display of fireworks display held on the 14th of July over the citadel.
  • Grand Tournois de Chevalrie: A festival filled with jousting and other medieval events. It runs between July and August.
  • Feria: A festival with diverse music and dancing that lights up the city. It lasts from the end of August through the early part of September.

How to move around in Carcassonne

The city connects to major regional centres, as well as Paris, via road and train. Bus routes service La Ville Basse, and in the summer, are supplemented by Touc's free electric-shuttle service. The older parts of Carcassonne are car-free, so you can easily traverse the area on foot.

The climate in Carcassonne

Carcassonne's temperate Mediterranean climate delivers warm summers and mild winters. July and August are the warmest months, typically recording temperatures as high as 40° C. The daily average is an ideal 28° C. January is the coldest month, while April is the wettest.

Frequently asked questions about Hotels in Carcassonne

The most centrally located hotels in Carcassonne with the best ratings are: Hotel De La Cité & Spa Mgallery, Hotel Du Pont Vieux and Hotel Best Western Le Donjon – Cœur De La Cité Médiévale.

It depends on the category of the hotel. If you want to stay at a 4-star hotel in Carcassonne, the average price per night is 67 , while you will pay an average of 39 for a 3-star hotel, and in a more luxurious 5-star hotel, you"ll pay around 90 .

Hotel Kyriad Carcassonne Aéroport and Hotel Premiere Classe Carcassonne are the closest ones to Carcassonne-Salvaza.

You can make reservations at Hotel De La Cité & Spa Mgallery and Hotel Domaine D Auriac Relais & Châteaux if you´re looking for a hotel with valet service for your visit to Carcassonne.

According to our clients, if you´re travelling with children, the best hotels in Carcassonne are Hotel Domaine D Auriac Relais & Châteaux, Hotel Du Pont Vieux and Hotel De La Cité & Spa Mgallery.

If you want to save time, the hotels in Carcassonne with express check-in and check-out are Hotel Du Pont Vieux, Hotel Domaine D Auriac Relais & Châteaux and Hotel Espace Cite.

Some of the options for hotels with non-smoking rooms in Carcassonne are Hotel De La Cité & Spa Mgallery, Hotel Du Pont Vieux and Hotel Domaine D Auriac Relais & Châteaux.

If you're bringing a vehicle, we recommend that you book a hotel with parking in Carcassonne, like Hotel Du Pont Vieux, Hotel Domaine D Auriac Relais & Châteaux or Hotel Best Western Le Donjon – Cœur De La Cité Médiévale.