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Hotels in Playa del Carmen


Book your cheap hotel in Playa del Carmen‎

Matching unrivalled nightlife with picture-postcard beaches, Playa del Carmen is an excellent destination right on the Riviera Maya. Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty — from crystalline shores to hidden caves and luscious forests — you’ll never want to leave this coastal oasis.

Playa del Carmen offers a wide variety of budget hotels catering to groups of all sizes.

Neighbourhoods of Playa del Carmen‎

Explore Playa del Carmen’s alluring districts‎:

  • Centro: Playa del Carmen’s central heart offers a bustling mix of souvenir shops, crafts boutiques, bars and restaurants. There’s a pretty park and square, Fundadores Park, which hosts a range of outdoor dance shows, and you’re never too far from the beach.
  • Gonzalo Guerrero : This is Playa del Carmen’s evening entertainment spot, with a plenitude of late night bars and dance clubs offering everything from EDM to salsa. There are also a number of great museums and attractions here, along with some delicious restaurants.
  • Playacar : The upmarket Playacar region is where you’ll find the city’s more luxurious resorts and villas. The main draw here is the beach. You’ll also find the important Zaman-Ha ruins here which were once used by the Maya.

What to see and do in Playa del Carmen‎

Playa del Carmen has a host of must-visit attractions, including famed beaches like Punta Esmeralda. But there's more to Playa del Carmen than just seaside fun, there's a kid's-favourite Aquarium, the charming Parque Fundadores and an excellent museum, Museo Frida Kahlo Riviera Maya. The city's main shopping and bar street, Quinta Avenida, stretches for 2km and will no doubt feature at the start and end of many of your day's here. The beaches host a number of water sports and diving schools, offering everything from reef snorkelling to sailing excursions to San Gervasio. You're also close to excellent afternoon or day trip spots like Cozumel, Tulum and Cobá.

What to eat in Playa del Carmen‎

Playa del Carmen has a vibrant food scene offering everything from simple street food to haute cuisine. Standout regional dishes include Chilaquiles, a breakfast dish with fried tortilla strips simmered in salsa, Chiles Rellenos, chiles stuffed with cheese and Huevos Motulenos, a breakfast of fried eggs, beans, tortillas and tomato sauce. Taco stands can be found throughout the town centre, but try to avoid tourist areas in favour of cheaper, local eateries. For meat lovers, Pibil is a must try, consisting of marinated meat wrapped in spices, as is Poc Chuch, pork marinated in orange and achiote sauce.

Typical events and festivals in Playa del Carmen‎

Playa Del Carmen hosts a wide variety of events, including traditional religious festivities and local parties. New Year’s Day, or Año Nuevo, is particular important here with beachside parties and celebrations. Dia de Los Santos Reyes is the local equivalent of Christmas in January and Día de la Candelaria sees local families getting together to eat tamales. Similar events take place throughout the year, from Día de la Constitución and Carnival in February through to the Day of the Virgin and Day of the Innocents in December.

How to move around in Playa del Carmen‎

Playa del Carmen is small enough to traverse by foot, but taxi cabs are also plentiful and affordable. For public transport, the city is quite lacking for day trips, making private hires more convenient if you're travelling across the coast. However, buses do regularly depart for the airport and major cities.

The climate in Playa del Carmen‎

Playa del Carmen has a warm and tropical climate throughout the year, with a rainy season between September and October and a hurricane season from June until November. Temperatures rarely dip below 20°C year-round.

More interesting facts about and sights in Playa del Carmen‎

Although the beach may centre your attention, don't skimp on the surrounding natural sites. There are beautiful areas like Cenote Chaak Tun, a pretty cavern system with snorkel and swimming opportunities. Another good choice is Río Secreto, the "secret river" in a picturesque cave.