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I am entitled to a large family discount. When should I apply for the large family discount?

All clients wanting to reserve a flight and benefit from the large family discount must reserve through our website and enter all the information they are requested to provide.

Not all fares admit a large family discount, either because this is not possible due to the distance between the starting point and destination or because the airline company indicates that some of its fares do not permit this discount.

The airline company reserves the right to charge a penalty fee in the event of failing to comply with the requirements for benefiting from the large family discount or refuse to let the passengers embark and refund the price paid due to breach of contract.

If you do not apply for the discount when making the reservation, it will not be possible to apply the large family discount at any other time.

In order to be able to give answer to urgent queries and not to clutter our lines, we highly recommend you not to call us for queries related to bookings for July 1st and after, and use the email provided in the "My Account" section. We do beg your apologies.

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