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Hotel L'Esperance 4 Estrelas

Route De Vézelay, 89450 Saint Pere, França Ver no mapa
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Kings- architects- poets- writers- painters throughout history- the unique village of Vezelay- now a Unesco listed world heritage site- has charmed the worlds artists and influential figures. It was also from this cradle of Christianity that the second and third crusades set off at his restaurant LEsperance- a former cafe and grocery store in the middle of the vineyards- Marc Meneau is leading another crusade; his is a taste mission. This self-taught chef learned his art from books and this has generated a real sense of inventiveness. His oysters in a salty aspic- his shellfish and caviar tureen and his Marie-Antoinette - Sofia Coppola strawberry dessert an allusion to his culinary contribution to the film are just a few of his claims to fame. Marcs other battle is to defend traditional winemaking techniques - Because freshness is priceless - and to preserve the local vines from the phylloxera bug that has ravaged them in the past. The property is closed for business during the year over the following dates- 18JAN09-07MAR09

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