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icono Travelling companions Nº of topics 3 Nº of posts 7
In this section you can meet up with new travelling companions so that you can all plan a shared trip. You will also be able to make new friends at your point of destination.
icono Backpackers and Adventurers 1 1
In this section you can share experiences with people who enjoy backpacking to the end of the world on a tight budget.
icono Discos, Pubs and Festivals 0 0
Share your thoughts on the most fashionable Pubs and Discos. Share your favourite music with your friends and plan a trip to the best festivals.
icono Restaurants and Gastronomy 2 3
In this section you can tell us about your favourite restaurants in any part of the world, and offer other travellers advice on typical dishes that are not to be missed.
icono Monuments and Museums 0 0
Here you can tell other travellers about the architecture, paintings and sculptures you have seen during your trip.
icono Rural tourism and nature 0 0
Use this area to let other travellers know about the most attractive rural cottages you have stayed at, and the hosts that make you feel the most at home, as well as the most incredibly beautiful country routes you have taken.
icono Relaxation and Beauty 1 1
Tell other travellers about your favourite places for relaxing and resting. Let them know about the best SPAS and beauty treatments.

Choose the destination that you would like to give your opinion on and see what other users have written too.

Africa Nº of topics Nº of posts
Países y ciudades importantes de Africa 42 45

Países y ciudades importantes de Asia 32 32

Países y ciudades importantes de Central America - Caribbean 13 13

Países y ciudades importantes de Europe 206 218

Países y ciudades importantes de Middle East - North Africa 33 37

Países y ciudades importantes de North America 14 14

Países y ciudades importantes de Oceania 7 8

Países y ciudades importantes de South America 18 18

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