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What is the Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin is a currency, just as the Euro or the US Dollar, that serves to exchange goods and services. However, differently to other currencies, the Bitcoin is a virtual currency that presents innovative characteristics and stands out for its efficiency, security and payment readiness.

When we purchase using the Bitcoin we do not need to reveal crucial information just like credit card numbers of bank accounts, thus eliminating any risk this information may be hacked away from the online vendor.

More information about bitcoins:

What is the difference between mili-bitcoins and bitcoins?

The mili-bitcoin (mBTC) is a thousandth part of a Bitcoin. Destinia has decided to show prices in mBTC as this makes the process more user-friendly and more convenient when showing prices on a daily basis.

Payment characteristics when paying with mili-bitcoins in Destinia:

  1. All of Destinia’s online products may be purchased in bitcoins except for some hotels that only admit payment at reception and some flight where the airline only accepts credit card payments.
  2. It is a unique currency for any person worldwide. Instantaneous payments, simple and commission-free.
  3. The booking process is exactly the same to any other payment method. Quick and secure.
  4. Prices visible in mili-bitcoins (mBTC) to make it user-friendly.
  5. The Exchange rate used to show prices in Destinia is the Bitcoin Best Bid (BBB), normally the same as the one at

How can one purchase using mili-Bitcoins within Destinia?

In the upper Menu choose mili-Bitcoins in the currency display:

From now on all prices in the Website will appear in mili-Bitcoins

Search the Destinia web normally and book your hotel, flight or any other product available.

Click on the Booking button and you will always see prices in mili-Bitcoins and their equivalent in euros to facilitate the process.

When paying select “PAYMENT WITH BITCOIN” within the displayed options.

The encrypted address to where to transfer the amount will appear from your Bitcoin wallet, along with the total amount of necessary bitcoins needed to end up the reservation.

Once payment has been done within your wallet, click on the Pay with Bitcoin button in the web or use the QR code from your mobile phone; our system will double check we have received payment and will confirm your booking.

Is that easy. You will get a confirmation voucher for your booking to be able to enjoy it.