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What is EOS, the fastest cryptocurrency?

While Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, it isn"t necessarily the best. It depends on what it"s going to be used for. Altcoins?or alternative currencies?are a type of digital currency, of which one of the most notable is EOS, an extremely rapid cryptocurrency that doesn"t give one the uncomfortable feeling that the road will be plagued with commissions.

While all altcoins (i.e. all of the cryptocurrencies that aren"t Bitcoins) start from the same open-source code, strong competition has led developers to create currencies that are increasingly advanced, so much so that the only way they resemble each other is that they can all be used as payment.

Paying with EOS is possibly the fastest way to perform a transaction. In fact, it was created to allow large companies to carry out millions of transactions per second. It"s a gigantic structure that shows up well-known credit cards and even Bitcoin, itself.

Cryptocurrency has numerous features, but the most important one is that it eliminates commissions. If you"re thinking about purchasing flights with EOS, you can rest assured that the final price won"t come as a surprise. The price won"t go up with every click of the mouse.

The exchange rate for this currency has nothing to do with Bitcoin. It"s worth a few dollars, a value that constantly varies, so paying with EOS is comparable to paying with other conventional currencies, except in reference to the final price.

To put EOS in context, when we compare it with other cryptocurrencies, we can draw several conclusions:

  • While the goal of Bitcoin is to be a modern means of payment, EOS has ambitions of developing decentralised applications.
  • EOS has many similarities to the cryptocurrency Ethereum, but it"s so fast and its performance is so amazing that some have nicknamed it "Ethereum on steroids".
  • Since it was only created in 2017, it has less circulation than other cryptocurrencies, but projections suggest that it may soon overtake even the biggest among them.

Can I purchase flights on Destinia using EOS?

eos criptomoneda donde comprar con eos criptomoneda pagar con eos

Of course. The fastest payment method for the fastest means of transportation. Paying for flights with EOS on the Destinia website is as easy as paying for them in euros or Japanese yen.

The payment method is only the end of a much more interesting process: reviewing all of Destinia"s offers and promotions so you have the certainty of knowing that you"re going to get the best possible value for your money.

If you"ve decided to book a holiday package or purchase flights with EOS, just access the Destinia website the way you normally do and start shopping.

  • Select your destination, dates, travel insurance, etc.
  • Enter your personal information: who's travelling, who's paying, etc.
  • When the time comes to make your secure payment, you can choose from 59 different conventional currencies, deposit the amount in Bitcoins or pay using an altcoin (cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin).
  • To pay with EOS, choose the option to pay by altcoin, and you will be redirected to the secure payment module.
  • You will be informed of the current exchange rate and will have 15 minutes to confirm the purchase. Once this time has passed, the reservation will be cancelled.

Alternatively, you can choose your cryptocurrency from the start and browse with it directly.

More reliable cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is virtual currency that can be used to make payments, but it isn"t physical money. It can be saved, not in banks but, rather, on hard drives and other digital storage.

One of the greatest virtues of these currencies is that they"re an especially discreet form of money. They belong to a user and they don"t provide any information on the holder beyond that which is necessary.

Cryptocurrencies are decentralised. They don"t belong to governments or entities, so their functioning can"t be influenced. When a country prints more bills, their currency is devaluated. With digital currency, this is inconceivable, as the number of units is limited and strictly regulated to prevent devaluation.

The Destinia website allows you to make transactions using the world"s most popular and most widely used cryptocurrencies from among the nearly 2,500 that are currently available. Each one has certain features that make it special. In addition to paying with EOS, you can use these other currencies:

  • Bitcoin. Created in 2008, it"s the undisputed model for the digital economy, although the appearance of thousands of alternative currencies?all of them with improvements?is shaking the foundations of its seemingly unquestionable leadership.
  • Dash. The ideologists who developed this cryptographic money had the average consumer in mind. Modern consumers who can use digital currency in day-to-day life without leaving a paper trail of their transactions. It"s an agile currency that prizes privacy above all else.
  • Ethereum. This currency relies on a transaction system that doesn"t require the intervention of a third party. Ethereum "smart contracts" ensure that both parties comply with the stipulations. The barrier won"t be lifted to complete the transaction until the system has verified their mutual compliance.
  • Litecoin. It"s almost just like Bitcoin, but it"s still considered an altcoin, despite the fact that it doesn"t intend to compete with Bitcoin but rather complement it. It"s a lighter version that releases four times more money than its predecessor.