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Litecoin: the great revelation in the world of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency isn"t a utopian vision of the future or a fickle reality. Its use and growth are firmly established and, best of all, it has become highly efficient. In 2009, Bitcoin blazed a trail that has been widening ever since. Its success served as an incentive for the appearance of other cryptocurrencies that, little by little, are staking their claim. One of these is Litecoin.

Like Bitcoin, Litecoin is based on blockchain technology. As such, it features a decentralised system in which no one has power over the currency. While the two have many similarities, up until 2019, Litecoin (created by Charlie Lee in 2011) played a very discreet role, remaining in the shadow of Bitcoin. But things have changed. The rise of Litecoin is unstoppable, and its value has exceeded 300 dollars. This has earned it a place among the five most important cryptocurrencies in the world.

One of the main features of Litecoin, which is also the main difference between it and Bitcoin, is the speed of the transactions. The key to its rapidity is that it generates blocks four times faster than its competitor. Litecoin also has a higher issue limit than Bitcoin. But, as is the case with any cryptocurrency, no one can predict the future fluctuations that are bound to occur.

Where to pay with Litecoin

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Paying with Litecoin (or any other cryptocurrency) isn"t a pipe-dream or a fantasy. It"s an established reality that has begun to coexist with the use of traditional currencies. For example, more than 40,000 companies worldwide accept payment with Litecoin. Among them is Destinia.

Using Litecoin to purchase flights or any other service, such as hotels or travel packages, is quick and easy with Destinia. Clients will browse the website in their local currency, whether euros, dollars, pounds or yen. When they go to pay, if the service permits it, they will be given the option of paying in alternative currencies like Litecoin, for example.

If clients choose to pay with a cryptocurrency, they will be redirected to the GoCoin payment module, where they can select the cryptocurrency they wish to use from a list of options. Once they do, they"ll be shown the exchange rate for their local currency. They"ll then have fifteen minutes to finalise the purchase. Alternatively, they can select their cryptocurrency from the start and navigate our website in it. In that case, all of the prices will be shown in the selected cryptocurrency.

The best cryptocurrencies

Although cryptocurrency is quite new to many people, there are already approximately 2,000 different cryptocurrencies in the market. With such an overwhelming selection, it"s essential to know which ones work best. One thing is clear: there are numerous advantages to using them. Let"s examine four of them.

  • One of their greatest assets is the speed with which transactions can be performed, sometimes taking as little as a few seconds.
  • Their functioning is also transparent because they aren"t centralised in a single organisation or entity like the dollar or the euro, just to name two. Anyone can access the account book?something that"s inconceivable in the world of traditional currency.
  • Another unique feature of cryptocurrency is its hacker-proof security. Furthermore, the transactions can"t be reversed except by the person receiving the payment.
  • International transactions are made easier by using a common currency that"s being accepted by an increasing number of companies and financial institutions.

Considering the advantages of cryptocurrencies, we"re going to give you a current summary of the best ones in the world with the highest market capitalisation.

  • Bitcoin. Although it has had its ups and downs, Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency to come on the market, is still in first place on every list. Experts affirm that it"s trending upward, despite steadily increasing competition.
  • Ethereum. This is the second most-used cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. It"s more varied, as its platform also permits the creation of smart contracts.
  • Dash. This is one of the most volatile cryptocurrencies currently in the market, which is why experts recommend investing in it by buying low and waiting for it to increase in value. It offers more advanced features than other virtual currency when it comes to transactions that are instantaneous and private.
  • EOS. Although its launch was very recent (June of 2017), it has experienced significant growth. There is no issue limit and no commissions, and the cryptocurrency has ambitions of displacing traditional payment methods like credit cards.